Buatlah 10 kalimat yang mengandung unsur present tense dan present progressive

  1. My mother is cooking. My mother cook for three hours every morning
  2. Irma is writing novel. Irma write novel for two hours every night
  3. He is teaching english. He teach english for two hours every day
  4. They are watching television. They whatc television for three hours every day
  5. We are writing an english lesson. We write an english lesson for two hours every day
  6. Wisnu reading an arabic lesson. Wisnu read arabic lesson for three hours every Monday
  7. The muslim scholar are working on the islamization of knowladge. The muslim scholar work on the islamization of knowladge six hours everyday
  8. The bogor agriculture institute is trying to raise fund to support bogor scholar’s activities
  9. They are crystalizing islamic thought, concept and mhetodology
  10. Irma is singing bob marley song. Irma sing bob marley song for two hours every day

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